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The content in this discography is collected from material currently available to me.  Most of it is a reflection of information I have from 45’s, LP’s and CD’s. I do know that some of the dates are missing because they were not provided in on the recording label. If you have more current and accurate information...please send it to me.

                                                                                                                                        Thanks, Jimmy


1946-National Records

1949-Capital Records

1951-Blue Ridge Records

             Long Journey Home/Lady of Spain

1952-1956-Decca Records

             Possum Hollow/The Things I Love About You

             Little Brown Hand/Kiss Me! Kiss Me!

             There’s No Place Like Home/Cotton Pickers Stomp

1956-1965-Starday Records

You Made Me What I Am/Mary was a Little Lamb

I Gotta Know/There’ll Come a Time

Road of No Return/Celebration

Log Cabin in the Lane/Budded Roses

Christmas Doll/It Won’t Seem Like Christmas

Don’t Make Me Ashamed/Blue Sunday

Orchids of Love/Road Walked by Fools

Borderline/Mark of Cain

Starday Instrumentals

Roundtown Gals/Din-e-o/Bending the Strings

1957– Starday/Mercury

Two Hearts are Better Than One/Settle Down


1960-Salem Records

             Some Kind of Fool/Heart Full of Heaven

             Wide Wide Road/Throw Me Together

Rural Rhythm Records

Cassette/LP-Jim Eanes and Red Smiley 20 Bluegrass Favorites                                                           
Sparkling Blue Eyes/Molly Darling/Yum Yum Blues/Everybody Does it in Hawaii/I Ain’t Got Nobody/Keep a Light In Your Window/Gambling Polka Dot Blues/Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues/Do You Ever Think of Me/Shes’ Still That Old Sweetheart of Mine/Whistling Rufus/Carolina Sunshine Girl/Love Me Now/Time Changes Everything/Lover’s Lane/Broken Engagement/My Mother Was a Lady/There’ll Come a Time/Budded Roses/Sally Goodin

Cassette-20 Country Performances                                                                       
Back in Your Own Backyard/I’ll Keep On Loving You/Someday/I Can’t Give You Anything But Love/Have You Ever Been Lonely/What’s The Matter With the Mill/I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now/Lonely Prison Blues/Right or Wrong/What is Life Lived Alone/Little Brown Hand/Just A Standby/Handsome Man/I Sure Need A Friend/I’m Confessing that I Love You/M-O-T-H-E-R/Red Wagon/Tie Me Around Your Apron Strings/Honey I’m in Love With You/Mean Old 65 Blues

Zap Records

LP-Your Old Standby                                                                                           
Your Old Standby/Lady of Spain/Precious Memories/No One to Love Me Now/Nobody’s Darling/Donna Lynn/It’s a Weary Weary World/Step it up and Go/Somebody Touched Me/Jimmie Brown

County Records

Cassette-Shenandoah Valley Quartet                                                                  
I’ll Be No Stranger There/Home on High/In His Arms I’m Not Afraid/Boat of Love/God Isn’t Dead/I’ll Fly Away/Are You Washed in the Blood/When Our Lord Shall Come Again/Let Him Lead You/Light at the River/How Can You Refuse Him Now/Where No Cabins Fall/When He Reached Out His Hand/Thank The Lord for Everything

Outlet Records

1977- LP -Original Shenandoah Valley Quarter                                                       
Little Old Country Church/A Beautiful Life/The New Jerusalem/ Hallelujah We Shall Rise/Won’t it be Wonderful There/He Will Set You Fields on Fire/Gone Home/Everybody Will Be Happy Over There/I’m Working on a Road/Rocking on the Waves/Angel Band/Just A Little Talk with Jesus/Oh Why Not Tonight

Leather Records

Jessup Records

LP-A Statesman of Bluegrass  Jim Eanes with Roy McGinnis and The Sunnysiders
Greasy Creek/Bridge of Sighs/I’ve Had Enough/Don’t Let Your Sweet Love Die/Practice What You Preach/Cotton Eye Joe/A Family Called the Blues/Sleepin’ Where the Roses Grow/What is Home Without Love/I Won’t Be Around/Goodbye Booze

Dominion Records

I’ll Pretend It’s Raining/I Get High On Bluegrass

Handsome Man/Room Full of Blues

Princess Records

Loves Been Good To Me/San Diego

Folly Records

Who’s Gonna Feed Them Hogs/It’s the Good Times

Across the Table/Old Gus Gasses Them Up

Highland Music

LP-Log Cabin in the Lane (recorded from 1956-1961 @ WHEE)                                                                                  
Log Cabin in the Lane/Road of no Return/Your Old Standby/Bending the Strings/ Blue Sunday/I’m Living Once Again/A Heart That’s Satisfied/I Wouldn’t Change You if I Could/You Made Me What I Am/Din-e-o/ There’ll Come a Time/I’ve Had Enough

Rounder Records

1979- LP=Jim Eanes and the Shenandoah Valley Boys-The Early Days of Bluegrass     
Long Journey Home/Don’t Let Your Sweet Love Die/I’ll Never Love You Anymore/Curtains of Sorrow/Florida Blues/A Sweeter Love The Yours I’ll Never Know/Lady of Spain/Budded Roses/Little Brown Hand/Missing in Action/Whispering/Blue Yodel #1/Tomorrow May Be Different

Clover Records

Come Into My Loving Arms/The National Debt

Racoon Records

1981 LP-Riding the Roads-Jim Eanes and Smoketown Strut
Riding the Roads/I Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow/The Coming of Our Lord/Your Old Standby/Pig in a Pen/Inside the Gates/I Know What it Means to be Lonesome/Wiggle Worm Wiggle/Across the Table/Lady of Spain/Paper Sack/A Good Woman’s Love/Old Satan


Cassette-I’m Looking Forward to the Snow

I’m Looking Forward to the Snow/Wrong Conclusion/These Memories/My Louise/Your Old Standby/Room Full of Blues/Wiggle Worm Wiggle/ You Made Me What I Am/I Cried Again/Crazy Dreams/Just One of Things/ Paper Sack/Just As I Am/She Took the Bus/Nobody’s Heart/Your Troubles are Mine/Don’t Go Lookin For Trouble/Love’s Been Good to Me   

K-Ark Records

Nobody’s Heart/Where the Cool Waters Flow

D Records

Crazy Dreams/Your Troubles Are Mine

Rural Rhythm

1986 CD-Heart of the South-Jim Eanes & Bobby Atkins
Ole Man Joe/Hide and Seek/Shop Worn Heart/Crimes of the Heart/DJ’s Theme/Jesus Love Me/Don’t Sell the Land/Home in the Southland/Mr. Bell/Pike County Breakdown/Wide Wide Road/Poison Love

Webco Records

CD-Shenandoah Grass. Yesterday and Today
I Don’t Want a Lonely Heart to Love/Slow Walk to Nowhere/Talk To Your Conscience/Don’t Stop Now/Walk Slowly/No Need to be so Lonely/I Wish I Was a Bird/I Don’t Need No Little Pills/Pretty Blue Eyes/Don’t Make Me Ashamed/Broken Promised/Call Out to Jesus

Bear Family Records

Rebel Records

Bluegrass Ballads         
Where the Cool Waters Flow/Orchids of Love/Just for You/Legend of the Girl on the Cliff/If I Had My Life to Live Over/Sally’s the Gal for Me/I’ll Pretend It’s Raining/Rose Garden Waltz/Sleeping Where the Roses Grow/Baby Blue Eyes/All the Good Times are Past and Gone/Kentucky Bluegrass Angel

1987- Reminiscing
Don’t Sweetheart Me/Take it or Leave it/Too Old To Die Young/The First Rose/Across the Table/Tomorrow May Be Different/Reminiscing/Don’t Say Goodbye/I’ll Never Let You Go/Would It Help Me When I Die/Your Wish is My Command/Chained to the Memories

Let Him Lead You 
Welcome In/Crown of Thorns/Jesus Is My Guiding Light/Mother Taught Me How to Pray/In His Arms I’m Not Afraid/The Coming of our Lord/ Little House of Prayer/Old Satan/Let Him Lead You/The Candle Song/ When They Ring Those Golden Bells/Take Me Home Blessed Jesus

1990 50th Anniversary
Old Moses/Inventory Time/Handsome Man/Cryin Wine/Freight Train/Hi Ho Diddle Dum/Rigamarole/Why Tell Me Why/Let Me Be Your Friend/I’ll Be Losing My Mind/Heads Don’t Turn/My Old Mule and Me